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During the 1980's, Tirana produced one fifth of the total industrial product, one third of the total mechanics industry product, 30 percent of the total coal production, and a half of the total textile production of Albania.

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The people of Tirana and its surroundings, in 1919 opposed Esat Pasha Toptani, considered a traitor to Albanian national interests, in 1922 Ahmet Zogu's efforts to gain power, and helped the uprisers of Dibra led by Isuf Elezi enter the town.In June of 1924, the provisional government of the June Revolution, led by Fan S. After its fall, Tirana remained the center of opposition to Ahmet Zog's rule.Although the capital of Albania, until 1938 Tirana had a population of only 25,000.In November 1941, Enver Hoxha with other Albanian communists founded the Communist Party of Albania in Tirana, and the town became the center of the Albanian communists' activities to mobilize the people of Tirana to fight the Italian fascists and later Nazi Germans and to spread ideological propaganda.The town was liberated after a fierce battle between the Communists and the people of Tirana against the German forces, on November 17th, 1944.During the Rilindja (Albanian national awakening of the 19th century), several of its activists had worked in Tirana.


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