Smugmug smart galleries not updating

Any way of making it more consistent over multiple browsers?I'm with John here -- I see a lot of chroma and blue channel noise in the darker parts of the sky (telling me that the image was underexposed and corrected in LR) but there's no pixelation in the blacks that I can see. John Cavan I got really suspicious of firefox, so I searched around, and found a setting in about:config about color management, turned it off, restarted and it's gone.I'm new to Lightroom and new to Smug Mug, so I'm hoping someone can help me out.I have this set of photos I took of a sunset, shot in jpg, edited in Lightroom to my liking and then published via the plugin to smugmug.

Thanks :) EDIT: I actually just found out, from testing the link to the gallery in chrome, that it seems my primary browser, Firefox, is MUCH worse than Chrome with the pixelation, so maybe it has more to do with the browser?I realize some of my adjustments in Lightroom are a bit much and very dark, but I liked it and like I said it's not even a little pixelated at any size in lightroom or exported to jpg.Can anyone shed some light on what I could do to make it look better on smugmug?Having a website to showcase your work on, or to allow potential clients to contact you through, is essential.Whether your website is simple and self made, a completely customized Word Press, or a template from Smug Mug, there are some basics that all sites need to include in order to be successful.More expensive services include a mechanism for selling your photos - for which you'll need to pony up 0 yearly.


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