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" "I can be there around after my morning class ends.I'd like all of my entries to represent different periods of European art.

I'm experienced with human interaction." "You don't believe me? All I wanted was your insight towards my artwork." Female intuition kicked in and Cassandra knew there was more.

I think you have great insight." "And where would this take place? It only took a moment to locate the section for the Art Club.

We have a place where we can work and store our projects." "That sounds doable. Professor Keating is a genius when it comes to early European style..." Lauren blushed hard and cut the professor off. I'd enjoy seeing what you and the other art students are up to." Lauren's blushing morphed in a light smile. Have a good weekend." "You too, Lauren." *** As soon as her student had departed, Cassandra returned to her office and opened the university's main website on her laptop.

Lauren's body language had tightened and a few facial expressions had turned the wrong way, however minor.

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