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Niethammer was a proud nationalist and volunteered to join the Nazi forces in 1937 leaving his position as a curator at the Museum Koenig at Bonn.

Nationalism, pride, other forms of chauvinism, the creation of enemies and the magnification of war threats are all effective tools in the arsenal of Machiavelli for use in misdirecting the masses.Upon the death of Niethammer, an obituary (open access PDF here) was published in the Ibis of 1975 - a tribute with little mention of the war years or the fact that he rose to the rank of .The Bonn museum journal had a special tribute issue noting the works and influence of Niethammer.This weekly OSM was produced by Nakaner, Polyglot, SK53, Tordanik, Yo Viajo, der Fred, jinalfoflia.anipulative people have always made use of the dynamics of ingroups and outgroups to create diversions from bigger issues.The situation is made worse when misguided philosophies are peddled by governments that place economics ahead of ecology.I checked them on Wikidata and added Mr Redi as the author.


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