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Chatting with females who are not displaying this icon means that you are taking your chances that they are female and statistically the likelihood is that they are not with roughly a 95% probability that they are really males.Contact a chat moderator with or next to their names if you are female and wish to be verified and receive a verification icon next to your name.Unfortunately as so many people have done this most chatters find it hard to believe that chatters are real females based solely upon their word or on pictures that can be downloaded from virtually anywhere..This icon next to a nickname means that the individual has been verified as a genuine female at the time of verification by either a chat moderator or administrator.

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This is both optional and voluntary but the benefits are that you have an icon displayed next to your name denoting you as female.

Here you will be able to see other people and let yourself be seen.

This is the place for all your live sex chat and cybersex needs and is also a free and safer alternative to phonesex!

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