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Both of us spoke at the Pan African Pantheon Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa in June.

Irele died a few days after he returned from the conference. Biodun Jeyifo [BJ], Professor of African & African American Studies and Comparative Literature at Harvard University, was at Irele’s bedside when he died.

He offered the following testimony: “Even as I approached him to say my farewell…I knew that I was addressing his spirit, addressing Spirit itself which binds all of us, the living, the dead and the unborn, together.

Both the real and the factitious, trivial line separating ‘believers’ and ‘unbelievers’ had vanished as I said the following words to him, simply: “Egbon, we shall not forget you….

She had written to the ­lawyer asking for the audio tapes of the call, but when they arrived they had been ­inaudible.

Jackson-Plaatjies told the lawyer she would be taking legal action against them and said she never heard from them again.

“I don’t know if they are doing this to other municipalities and ­government offices as well, who may be paying up to avoid a scandal,” she added. This was cold comfort for the councillor who was later heard discussing the matter with fellow Exco members during the tea break.

She started the Boston carnival in the 1960s and began to participate in Miami carnival once she got there.

About four years ago, my cousin Marva and I went to Miami to mourn with Mislet the passing of her husband Edward.


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