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So the initial effort of learning the basic, standard tools can be a good investment. Use Async Task and show the download progress in a dialog" does connection.connect(); then Input Stream input = new Buffered Input Stream(Stream()); code makes 2 connections to the server.

Download Manager is part of the OS, which means it will always be available in GB and cannot be uninstalled. I have managed to change this behavior by updating the code as follows Input Stream input = new Buffered Input Stream(Input Stream()); i wish android documentation was this concise.

This has nothing to do with Swing Worker and all to do with basic Java.Here is a brief list: Unless you need detailed control of the download process, then consider using Download Manager (3) because it already handles most of the items listed above.Unless you want to have full control over the download process, I highly recommend using Download Manager which already handles most of the items listed above. For example, Download Manager does no response caching.Ginger Bread brought a new feature, Download Manager, which allows you to download files easily and delegate the hard work of handling threads, streams, etc. First, let's see a utility method: /** * @param context used to check the device version and Download Manager information * @return true if the download manager is available */ public static boolean is Download Manager Available(Context context) String url = "url you want to download"; Download Manager. Request(Uri.parse(url)); Description("Some descrition"); Title("Some title"); // in order for this if to run, you must use the android 3.2 to compile your app if (Build. First and second methods are just the tip of the iceberg.There are lots of things you have to keep in mind if you want your app to be robust.Here's what I would do: Also, if you want your progress bar to display a String message, you first have to call String Painted(true), then subsequent calls to String(string) will show up on the progress bar.


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