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He was a wonderful friend, always there for people, and he never judged anyone. You will always be in our hearts and never forgotten.

Cole was always full of energy and put a smile on anyones face when they were down. Carman, Sarah, born 12 August 1992, died ** August 2008 in Texas Our Remembrance Sarah was such a shining light that touched so many people.

S., born 17 November 1942, died 21 August 2011 in Galveston Our Remembrance He will forever be loved and missed.

Justen started playing sports as a young child and continued playing Football, Baseball and Basketball throughout school.

She ended her life by drowning in a local lake in the middle of winter. If my love alone could have saved you, you would have lived forever. I will remember you with every sunrise, every sunset, every rainbow and everyday I look into the eyes of my three grandchildren, your Nephews and Niece that you loved so dearly and meant the world to you.

I cant begin to imagine the pain and despair that she must have felt. Beautiful as a Rose, Free as a Butterfly, Forever 18.

Envil, Joshua Carl, born 20 January 1981, died 27 September 2007 in Minnesota Our Remembrance You are still loved and not forgotten.

Joe was one of the most authentic, kind, and loving people I know. He took his own life 3 years 1 month and 2 days ago.

He was an excellent father, brother, son and soldier. His absence will forever be felt by those who loved him. Til we meet up again, please watch over the dogs❤️❤️. Mom, Dad, Ashley, and Nichole Sims, Dawn, born 16 September 1965, died 28 July 2016 in Danville, Kentucky Our Remembrance WE WISH WE COULD HAVE SEEN through your smile's that you were hurting inside we love and miss you so very much Barcus, Jeffrey Ray, born 18 October 1962, died in Bidwell, Ohio Our Remembrance Please help us change the criteria to get someone help, when they can not ask for it themselves!!! He never would have believed how many people miss him now that he's gone.

In the ED with a crisis councilor and was allowed to go home only to find his picture here! Boring, Jr., Allen Dale, born 17 February 1965, died in Indiana/USAOur Remembrance Allen was so warm and loving. Allen left behind 3 children, family and friends that love and miss him so much.

My life has not been the same since his passing, as I don't think it ever will be again!!

Me and his twin brother Zach, and his younger brother Ryan miss him so much! RIP Dylan Scott Poynter 9/1/1992-10/30/2011 Drake, Nicholas Rodney, born 19 June 1948, died 25 November 1974 in Warwickshire, England Our Remembrance Rest in peace gentle soul.


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