Potuguese men dating

Apparently, I just didn’t enjoy it with my boyfriend.

I never in a million years imagined such a crazy outcome.The guy was completely oblivious to his good looks, or maybe many guys in Lisbon looked like him. We spent our time going to restaurants, dancing in clubs and taking ridiculous photos in the wax museum. The next morning we took a taxi together, dropping him off at the bus station first.On the side note, Lisbon is rated very highly in the ‘good looking men’ category, so if anyone is looking for a nice city to visit – you can skip arrogant Milan and meet good looking romantic Portuguese men instead! For a short period, it felt as if he was my boyfriend. We kissed each other, not without his eyes getting red again and me actually joining in this time.He swallowed hard and said he knew this would happen.A few days later I broke up with him over the phone.It irritated the way he smooched me in the theater, the way he turned the TV on before putting any awkward moves on me, the way he moaned while fingering me as I lay there like a log and when he said “ I can’t keep my hands off of you” while not even touching me.


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