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I do not simply 'do whatever the client asks' (even within my limits).

Rather, I do what I consider most valuable toward achieving that ultimate goal: therapeutic progress for the client.

But, distinct from any other therapist or coach I know of, Sarah disrobes during the session and allows her clients to also disrobe ... Sarah’s business has gotten a lot of media attention, due to the salacious nature of her services.

Most of the attention has focused overwhelmingly on the skin and the sex, often dismissing — and even ridiculing — her claims she is providing a therapeutic service.

I just firmly believe that sexual arousal is so central to men's cognition that it must be openly embraced and accepted in the therapeutic context if men want to truly get to the bottom of their feelings.”All of her 1,000 clients are men.

Originally, Sarah saw some women, but over time she’s gravitated towards working only with men, and feels her style and approach is most effective and helpful in dealing with issues of masculinity.

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One is a mere sexual indulgence (and is perfectly acceptable) and the other is a therapeutic practice that involves the component of arousal."Sarah believes that by getting naked online, she can connect with men in ways which shortcut around men’s barriers and their fears of intimacy.Rather than pushing it aside, or claiming that it is simply an expression of a deeper longing, Naked Therapy says, 'Sexual arousal is important in and of itself,' and it utilizes the sexual arousal of the client to arrive at unique, powerful, relevant insights.Asking a man to share his feelings in an environment in which sexual arousal is forbidden is like teaching him to swim on land.The wonders of modern technology allow you to watch anyone who wants you to see them fucking on a webcam.Live sex is right at your fingertips with cam studs who are doing everything from stripping to sucking cocks.She replied: A webcam girl is there to fully serve and please the visitor within her personal limits in whatever way he deems desirable.


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