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He stops calling and texting exactly because of that (and some other reasons as outlined here). When he first texted me, it took me a day to respond and honestly it wasn’t on purpose but I simply wasn’t hooked to my cellphone. ” If the majority to your answers is YES, girl, you really need to read this because likelihood is you have been pushing away so many guys because you simply don’t act like a high-value woman. He wants what other men want and what he has to work for to have. Not just texting but also I’m scarce in other means of communication as well.Ultimately, your family member is the only person who can choose to stop the abuse, but there are a few things you can do to encourage them to behave in healthier ways.Texting has become an integral part of our communication these days that just like emailing a set of etiquettes needs to be established. Vary your response time, be a little unpredictable. If he texts you regularly, you can initiate once (as a part of being unpredictable) say for every 5-6 texts he initiates. Be direct cause guys don’t like reading long messages. You want a guy who steps up and leads so if he’s slacking in his way of communication, you taking charge in the matter won’t make him want to do it more.

The royal couple began their day at the mansion, receiving a rapturous welcome from hundreds of schoolchildren.

A teenager texted a friend for help seconds before a Commonwealth Games swimmer raped her, a court heard.

The girl had consensual sex with Olympics star Ieuan Lloyd after he brought her home from a nightclub – but he “abandoned” her and Otto Putland, also an international swimmer, entered his room and jumped into the bed, the court heard.

The girl recalled the night of July 14, 2015, when she had earlier been out with friends in Cardiff and met Lloyd, 24, in the city's Glam nightclub. She did not consent to being passed around.” Mr Putland, who swam for Wales in the 2014 Commonwealth Games, told police the pair had had consensual sex, saying: “She hadn’t said anything about being passed around.” Mr Putland, of Dinedor, Hereford, denies two counts of rape.

She said she later went with him to his home to have sex, but afterwards in his bedroom he got up and welcomed in his friend, Mr Putland – a fellow international swimmer who has competed at the Commonwealth Games.


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    With the widespread availability of explicit material on the Internet, these problems are becoming more prevalent and are surfacing at younger ages. According to some studies, early exposure (by age 14) to pornography and other explicit material may increase the risk of a child becoming a victim of sexual violence or acting out sexually against another child.

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