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On one block you’ll find high-end restaurants, clothing boutiques, and snobby art studios; on the next, you’ll find a mom-and-pop Mexican bakery and dollar store.

Cheap thrill: If you buy a bottle of wine from the Pool Bar you can access the hot tub.Next, stroll along East Beach for the sidewalk Arts and Crafts Show every Sunday.Maybe join a pick-up game of volleyball if you aren’t too intimidated by those Santa Barbara beach bodies.CALIFORNIA – They call Santa Barbara America’s French Riviera. Misty mountains perch over salty beaches, and the ocean creates excitement in the air — it's a treasure trove for outdoor enthusiasts.Like the Riviera, the area's filled with celebrities (Katy Perry, Oprah), but the rich and famous are likely to tuck themselves away in beautiful estates hidden by overgrown eucalyptus trees and mustard flowers.Fortunately, you don't need big money to have a grand time here.


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