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Expect many questions regarding the circumstances of your loved one’s passing, especially if it was sudden, unexpected, or involved an accident.

Be prepared with a brief response and remember that you aren’t obligated to tell the entire story.

Above all, if it is possible, be gracious to all who express sympathy, regardless of how inconsiderate or unfeeling their remarks might appear.

They will someday be in your place and understand what is and isn’t inappropriate.

Click on your branch for detailed information including available facilities.

As an international forwarding and logistics company, we offer a wide variety of interesting and challenging job opportunities in different projects and areas of expertise at our branch offices throughout the world.

Providing services from burial plot landscaping to funeral catering is a lucrative business.


We receive a wide range of questions, such as: whether or not to attend a funeral, who to invite or not invite, how to conduct the funeral service, what to wear, what to do with the ashes, and where to send flowers. What do I do with all the flowers that were sent to the funeral home? — A Connecticut ethics commissioner has been charged with patronizing a prostitute after he was pepper-sprayed during which police say was a mix-up with the wrong woman.Police tell the Connecticut Post Noel Kayo, an ethics commissioner in Bridgeport, had arranged to meet a woman at a hotel in Stratford.Kayo denies his prostitution charge, saying he was a victim of attempted robbery. Funerals, viewings, and visitations are not only difficult for the person planning the funeral and the immediate family of the deceased, but they can also be troublesome for friends, relatives and acquaintances.Police say another woman was waiting at the hotel at the same time for payment for photographs for which she previously posed.


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