Dating sites for anglers

Arriving during the waning days of the last great Ice Age, they found a Louisiana that was totally alien to us today.The climate was cooler and dryer, and the landscape included large areas of grasslands.Evidence of a new weapon — the atlatl (AT-lat-uhl) — appears in Archaic sites.While Paleo Indians may also have used the atlatl, it is not until the Archaic period that archaeologists actually find physical evidence of it in Louisiana.

The Paleo Indians traveled in small nomadic bands and probably never stayed in one spot long.The old logging road was a promising place to look for sign.It ran through a year-old clearcut before dropping off a slight ridge into Winn Parish's Dugdemona swamp.As a result, the Indians began developing more elaborate cultures.For example, it has been found in the last few years that Louisiana's Archaic people along the Ouachita River were among the first Native Americans to construct the famous Indian mounds.They stayed in one place longer but probably moved with the seasons to take advantage of ripening nuts and plants.


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