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In short, beware of any “emergency” situation that prompts her to ask you for money.

You may find yourself corresponding with a woman who appears very beautiful whose native language is not English.

Alas, there really is no abandoned account and no deceased customer — there’s only a scammer trying to pick your pocket.

Date: Sun, From: Tony Burk [email protected] Reply-To: [email protected]: Hello, I am Tony Burk, CFO of Lloyds Bank United Kingdom.

The scammer, posing as a bank official, has found a bank account full of money that was owned by a foreigner who is now deceased.

If you’ll just stand in as next-of-kin, he’ll split the money with you.

These types of websites and emails are easy to set up and operate, so beware.

Please share our scam alerts with your friends and coworkers today.Sometimes the scammer tries to get the victim to commit financial fraud on his or her behalf.Scammers can be very persistent when trying to take advantage of you.If you are traveling to meet a woman for the first time, this assumes you have developed enough trust to do so.But sometimes a person’s willingness to trust can make him vulnerable to scams.At Rose we work hard to maintain the integrity of our site using both human and electronic screening techniques and by constantly updating and modifying our security measures.


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