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If you prefer not to share quaint streets and your favorite restaurants and attractions with crowds of people, then fall is the best time to visit Santa Fe.

Between September and November the temperatures rarely go below 20 or above the 70s, and since it is not considered peak season, prices are reasonable.

January is the second to the coldest month in Santa Fe.

This month sits in the middle of winter with average low temperatures of 17°F (-8°C). Left over snowfall from the previous month make winter sports ideal in the nearby mountains.

The best time to visit New Mexico to enjoy Santa Fe’s festivals are October through November.

The clear winner for skiing and other winter sports is December as this is the month with the highest average snowfall in the entire year.

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In April, the climate makes a considerable leap compared to the previous month.

Sandia Shuttle Express makes about 30 trips a day and will pick up or drop passengers at their hotels, B&Bs or anywhere else.

Taos Express travels from the airport to Taos and makes a number of stops in Santa Fe.

In February, winter continues although temperatures increase slightly. February is also the driest month of the year with average precipitation only hitting half an inch (13 mm).

The average low temperature is a chilly 22°F (-6°C).


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