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Tyler Perry star Tasha Smith had her marriage erased from planet Earth, after a judge ruled her hubby was a fraud.

Tasha got her marriage annulled a few days ago, after claiming he had a secret life he kept from her.

She also has a recurring role as Carol Holloway on the Fox musical drama series Empire.

In the 2000s, Smith had guest starring roles on The Parkers, Without a Trace, Nip/Tuck and Girlfriends.

She has made number of supporting performances in films such as Playas Ball (2003), The Whole Ten Yards (2004) and ATL (2006).

Smith has played roles in multiple Tyler Perry projects.

Liev Schreiber, Jeffrey Wright and Jon Voight have made me fall in love with acting again. I was a substitute teacher in Lance Gross' acting class.

Tasha Smith may have become a household name through her starring roles in Tyler Perry dramas “Why Did I Get Married?

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on OWN, playing the loud-talking and bossy Angela Williams. One was so bad that I'm scared to even share it because my daughter thinks it was mean. She's a prankster too and she was just doing way too much in one weekend. ' She likes to go to the bathroom after a workout so one day when we got in from the gym I took some egg yolk and smeared it around the toilet seat. I made her dress up as me and do a scene as if she were my character Angela. Every time he would come around her for a while he would leave or she would have to go to work and she would become violently ill, they never could find anything wrong with her.” “I started thinking she was allergic too him. She has appeared in numerous movies and television shows, most notably as Angela Williams in the Tyler Perry films Why Did I Get Married? (2010), and on the television series based on the movies, For Better or Worse (2011–2017).She was ordered to pay nearly ,000 a month in spousal support to Douglas.She’d reportedly already shelled out ,000 to him in December. A source close to Smith, who most recently starred on the hit television series “Empire,” claims Keith Douglas is a gold digger and that unbeknownst to the actress, he was married five times before her.“She spent kazillions on doctors and hormone shots and intravenous whatever you call it, she was like a pin-cushion.


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