Dating an emo

He kisses you like an overdramatic actor and in this case, that actually works for you.

Your Song: "The Author" Jamison from Jamison Parker is the one for you, as your high-minded taste in music and appreciation for a well-crafted lyric make it easy for you to think beautiful, unexpected thoughts when you're together.

Since getting to know your emo, you’ve shared a lot: you’ve traded your thoughts on the indie music scene, swapped Chuck Taylors, and consulted each other when purchasing ironic tees from during study hall. Pro: She enjoys shopping at thrift stores, so she’s a cheap date.

All of her birthday and holiday presents will be awesomely inexpensive, while still appearing thoughtful. It’s really flattering when someone likes you enough to write a poem about you, your awesome hair, your contagious laugh, that unique dimple you have, and all that other stuff that makes you irreplaceable.

See all those metaphors about scars, bleeding hearts, and broken glass? Plus, the poetry is sure to end up on a personal blog, a message board, and perhaps as a song, if your emo’s band ever makes it big. Pro: You can steal his V-neck tees from American Apparel.

You're drinking your daily gin and kerosene when Pete Wenz from Fall Out Boy comes up to you and asks you to — what else? Your chill personalities make you the perfect match, and before you know it you're going down, down in an earlier round in this game of love.

Your song: "Grand Theft Autumn" In the middle of a gunfight, in the center of a restaurant, your eyes lock with Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance.

Pro: You’ll have a definite somebody to accompany you to any Death Cab for Cutie concert or Dashboard Confessional show.

You’ll get to be that annoyingly cute couple that holds hands the whole time or sways butt to stomach to each and every song. is only carrying around a pack of gum and his copy of “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” and C. Pro: Your emo is super sensitive and always emoting.


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