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Coding comes in handy in many other kinds of job“Even if you’re not planning a career as a web developer, a basic knowledge of code can be helpful to students going down a variety of different career paths,” says Jake Schwartz, CEO and co-founder of business and technology education organisation General Assembly.

Anna Inman works in a senior sales-focused role at leading e-invoicing company Tungsten Network and says “you wouldn’t expect coding to form part of my day-to-day activities.” But, she adds, “whenever I need to report to our management team about the success of our proposals I rely upon a basic set of algorithms I’ve built.”Using technological tools to draw out stories from large data sets is a big and fast-growing area of journalism, while the president of a leading American cancer research organisation recently stated that coding is almost as important in medical research and clinical care as knowledge of anatomy.

There’s not only demand from technology companies for those who can code.

Other industries – for example, finance and publishing – are now arguably being driven by new developments in technology, so need talented coders.

Learning to code might just be the single hottest thing to do this Autumn.

It seems that you can’t look at a newspaper at the moment without reading about a successful young tech entrepreneur and how important the kind of skills they have will be in the future.

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