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I was wondering whether any of you has any ideas about what I could get for sons teacher at the end of term. To colour your day & make it bright Mint You're worth a mint to their Parents Eraser To rub out everyone's mistakes Marbles...

Normally its a lady and I have just been getting them a nice small heart shaped paper weight, (under 2) and wrapping it nicely and a nicely wrote card. Any ideas thanks in advance I had quite a few male teachers as a child.. He's into football so I was thinking something footy related, but maybe everyone will think like that. For when you lose yours But there are quite a few different ones and the cost is arond 3-5 some you can have personalised hi we have 1 male teacher at the school where i work and in all honesty we all including him appreciate anything that we are given.

Can i just ask if ay of you buy for teaching assiants/classroom assistants i only ask as my son has a teacher plus a teaching assistant inhis class plus a supply teacher twice a week and my daughter has a teacher 2 teaching assistants and a assistant that helps her with her writing!!

i was going to buy main presents for the teachers then make some cakes and put them in a nice box for the others otherwise it costs a fortune!


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